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Labour law

advice, breakup...

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Commercial law

distribution, consumption, collection

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Insolvency proceedings

Civil & Commercial

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Real Estate Law

Construction, management, leasing

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Criminal law

police, correctional, assizes

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Liability law

& compensation for personal injury

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Divorce law

amicable or contentious

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Family Law

Succession, donation

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Protection of minors

curatorship, tutorship

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About the law firm

If our law firm in FRÉJUS were to be a motto, it would probably be first of all the quote of Jean BODIN « There is wealth only men »….
In a resolutely humanist vision of social relations, what seems fundamental to us is first and foremost listening to our customers: how to defend or advise someone we do not understand?
But because it is impossible to be omniscient, specialist in everything (but competent in nothing ….), the second motto to remember would be that of the European Union: « United in diversity ».
Each lawyer in the firm has his or her own area of expertise (Commercial law, Insolvency proceedings, Real Estate Law, Criminal law, Family Law, …), for which he specially trains, remains on the lookout for the latest legislative or jurisprudential news.
Listening, continuing education, individual specialization within a generalist law firm in FRÉJUS: our goal is to offer our clients local judicial and legal expertise. »

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The Blue House

The first question I am usually asked is: « Why blue? » It’s true that the shutters are yellow… But on closer inspection, the façade is indeed layette blue. This is mainly because a bit of poetry has never hurt anyone! Finally, I wanted to indirectly pay tribute to the one who lived there for so long, Mrs. BERARD, and to the MARTEL family who allowed me to set up the firm there in 2012.

E. Bonnemain